Postpartum care

With the birth of the child begins an exciting and sometimes exhausting time. As a newly “born” parent, especially with the first child, you have many questions and are sometimes unsure.

During my home visits, I observe your baby’s drinking behavior, check the weight and healing of the navel, the involution of the uterus and give assistance with breastfeeding.

Your very own way

The most important thing for me is that you find your very own way to develop a daily routine with your child. The first few weeks are particularly exciting, as many things are new, both for you and your child.

Additional well-meaning advice and guidance from family and friends can lead to further uncertainty.

I see myself as a pilot through the information jungle and would like to support you. You are the authority when it comes to your child and intuition is often a good advisor.

Questions about the baby, the birth, breastfeeding or other topics important to you will be discussed and I will gladly support you even if you want to carry your child.

I also provide advice on nutrition, introducing complementary foods and the child’s dental health.

After twelve weeks, postpartum care ends. But even after this time, you are entitled to midwife support throughout the entire breastfeeding period! And so you are welcome to call me again for breastfeeding problems, weaning and complementary feeding.

Postpartum care includes a variety of support tasks, from weighing the baby to checking on postpartum wound healing. I watch for possible complications such as infections or bleeding, support you with breastfeeding, managing mood swings, bathing, swaddling, umbilical care and more.

Birth is an intense and all-changing experience in which the mother’s and child’s bodies perform at their best. These changes should be met with mindfulness. No one needs to feel left alone on this journey.

Especially in difficult births, I also accompany and monitor your wound healing.