Tina Wünsche

Naturopathy, kinesiology taping and birth

Insights into my expertise as a midwife and lactation consultant

The breastfeeding

I have extensive knowledge of breastfeeding theory and practice, which makes it easier for me to help mothers breastfeed as painlessly as possible. For this, it is necessary to respond individually to your needs and those of your child. I can help you sense these needs and find ways to address them.

Aromatherapy and homeopathy

Through my training in aromatherapy and homeopathy, I can offer you alternative methods to alleviate discomfort and support your body. A deep understanding of how various essential oils and homeopathic remedies work is essential in counteracting specific ailments.

Kinesiology taping

Through kinesiology taping I can support your muscles and joints and thus relieve pain. Even with diffuse pain symptoms, we will find the optimal support for your body by trying and feeling together.

Dresden Academy for Individual Birth Support (DAfiGb)

As a member of the Dresden Academy for Individual Birth Companionship (DAfiGb), I am part of a large network of birth companions and consultants. Thus, I am constantly educating myself to be able to offer you comprehensive support during your pregnancy, birth and aftercare.

Practical guidance for students

In addition to my main job as a practicing midwife, I also take on the responsible task of guiding aspiring midwives in their training. During their dual studies, I act as mentor and trainer. The development and promotion of qualified professionals in the field of obstetrics is a subject close to my heart.