Prenatal care during pregnancy

During pregnancy you have the opportunity to be looked after by me. According to ยง24d SGB V, you can choose whether the care should alternate with the gynecologist or be provided exclusively by the midwife.

I am authorized to determine, accompany and monitor a pregnancy. Should any abnormalities occur during the course of the treatment, I will be happy to accompany you in addition to your medical care.

These examinations are part of your prenatal care:

  • Issuing the maternity passport
  • Medical history
  • Control of blood pressure, weight and urine
  • Control of the position of the child
  • infant heart sound control
  • all necessary blood samples and laboratory tests
  • on request test for gestational diabetes and B-streptococcus infection

At all appointments, there is ample time for discussion/consultation on all topics important to you, from noticing changes to feeling your child together. Of course your partner is also welcome.

Ultrasound examinations are not offered by midwives, as this activity is reserved for physicians. I perform preventive examinations in the midwife practice “From the beginning…”.

As a midwife, it is especially important to me that you feel seen and understood at all times. Your well-being is my top priority. Do not hesitate to contact me, together we can discuss your concerns and needs and design a personalized care for you.

Symphysis fundus measurement

As a midwife, I perform abdominal circumference and symphysis fundus measurements to monitor your baby’s growth and detect any complications that may arise early.

The Pinard stethoscope

The Pinard stethoscope is a traditional medical instrument used by midwives and doctors to listen to the heartbeats of the baby in the womb, its use dates back to the 19th century.


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