Help With Discomforts
and contractions

Every pregnancy is a challenge for body and soul: the hormone balance realigns, muscles are put under greater strain and the uterus, child and placenta must be supplied with sufficient blood and nutrients.

Heartburn, swollen legs and back pain are just some of the complaints that can occur.

I am here for you in any difficult situation

Together we will look out for strategies to alleviate your discomforts, no matter which kind. In doing so, we benefit from the advantages of our joint practice – you can draw on our collective know-how for you.

Midwives, as myself, constantly educate themselves and for that often study natural healing methods. Every colleague brings in her personal additional qualification so you can profit from us as a community.

If bed rest is prescribed, I will also be happy to come visit you at home.

Kinesiology Tapig

Kinesiology taping is a method with which we specifically target complaints such as Back pain or lymphatic congestion. That way, we can improve your well-being and freedom of movement. You can find further information on this page: